AHS Managing Director Benjamin Gall’s insights for heritage property buyers

The adaptive reuse of heritage buildings has been one of Australia’s hottest property trends in recent years.

Australian Heritage Specialists Managing Director, Benjamin Gall, recently shared some insights for buyers entering the heritage property market.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that the idea of purchasing a heritage listed property is extremely attractive to some people and equally off-putting to others,” Mr Gall said.

“There is a unique sense of place that comes with owning an historic home and many people find this irresistible – heritage homes can be very easy to fall in love with!”

As one of Australia’s most respected heritage professionals and the owner of a State heritage listed home, Mr Gall has an unrivalled understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with heritage buildings.

“Celebrating a property’s heritage characteristics through a sensitive design scheme that emphasises period features can certainly add kerb appeal and value,” he said.

“I believe there are widespread misconceptions about the restrictions placed upon heritage property owners seeking to carry out maintenance or renovations.

“Councils and other relevant bodies are generally supportive of applications that conform to heritage requirements.

“That’s why the first step is always to understand the rules relating to your property, as there are different levels of listings and heritage protections.”

Ben and his AHS team have many years of experience across Australia navigating the different levels of heritage protections and planning outcomes prescribed at a National, State, and local level.

These protections and outcomes can also vary from council to council and State to State (or Territory), so it’s important to have a qualified heritage consultant on board who understands all the requirements.

“A cultural heritage consultant can be an invaluable partner to guide property owners through the heritage planning process in a timely and cost-effective way,” he said.

Mr Gall’s renovated State heritage listed home in Manly, Queensland, received a high commendation in the David Eades Award for Heritage and Sustainability at the 2014 National Trust of Queensland Heritage Awards.

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